The Top 4 Benefits of Using Psilocybin

When most people think of magic mushrooms, they probably think of someone going on a crazy trip through the forest where the trees are melting and a frog tells you the meaning of life.

But psilocybin is officially in the hands of the scientific community and the more research they do, the more beneficial properties these little funghi seem to have. We’ve been anecdotally aware of a lot of the benefits psilocybin has to offer, but now we’ve got the science to start backing it up.

So let’s take a look at the top 4 benefits of using psilocybin…

Decrease Depression

It’s no surprise that mushrooms release some feel good chemicals into our brains and bodies. There is a reason they’re so recreationally popular, afterall. But neuroscience has shown that psilocybin actually interacts with our serotonin receptors and could be a legitimate treatment for depression.

Studies have shown that even one treatment could stave off depression for as long as six months, with some people even reporting that they were completely cured of their depression.

Increase Creativity

In a 2017 study, they found that the use of magic mushrooms resulted in temporary ego loss. Meaning the people using psilocybin were freed from the confines of worrying about the self.

Without the boundaries that the ego often provides, people were more readily able to tap into a creativity that was ‘outside the box.’ They felt less limited by what was possible and could come up with more radical and creative ideas.

This has led many silicon valley entrepreneurs to microdose psilocybin to try to harness it’s creative powers.

Increased Open Mindedness

In a 2011 study, research found a “significant increase in openness” when the subjects took psilocybin. In this case, openness refers to willingness to participate in new activities, creativity, demeanor and appreciation for the aesthetic. 

Not only was openness increased during the psilocybin experience, but it also continued on after it concluded, with some participants showing increased openness a year after the study had ended.

People who use magic mushrooms are more open to new ideas, relationships, experiences and thoughts. They’re likely to feel less fear around the idea of change than the average person. Which makes us think that psilocybin should be a prerequisite to becoming a government official. 

Help Cure Addiction

People will try anything to stop smoking. Patches, gum, hypnosis…but it turns on magic mushrooms may have the answer. 

Psilocybin can be very effective when treating addiction to habit-forming drugs.

There’s already been research done through Johns Hopkins University investigating psilocybin as a potential cure for nicotine addiction and many other studies have emerged since, to study the effects on other chemically addictive substances. 

As more research comes to light, we’re sure to find even more beneficial uses for psilocybin. The connection with our serotonin receptors has unique properties that may bring about important medicine surrounding mood, ambition, empathy and creativity. We just have to wait and see how this seemingly magical drug is used in the future and how we can take advantage of it for the betterment of our mental health.

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